Director, choreographer, dancer and teacher.

Her practice develops between Tango, Contemporary Dance and Theater, reflecting her artistic and academic background: She has the Bachelor’s Degree in Choreographic Composition at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) and she studied with prestigious teachers of Dance and Theater in Argentina and abroad.


Since 1995 she has participated in theater companies, films and television such as Grupo Tango Protesta (Argentina), Théâtre du Soleil (France), Organic (France), Phizzical (United Kingdom) and Tangissimo (Austria), among other artists and companies. Her work was showcased in stages, unconventional spaces and festivals in Argentina and abroad such as FIBA, Ciudanza, DanzaBA, Tango BA and Tanz Kollection Herbst.


In the pedagogical field, she has been teaching Tango for more than twenty years in Argentina and abroad. Within the academic field, she teaches at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) in Movement Arts and Drama Arts Departments. She also participates in research projects and is a member of the Departmental Council. She was a Titular teacher in the Drama Arts Career at the Universidad del Salvador and teacher at the R. Rojas Cultural Center (UBA).


She is a member of PlaTEA (Platform of Contemporary Scenic Tango), an alliance of artists and referents of scenic tango organizations that promote their innovation. Through it they have participated in festivals, conferences and congresses about the promotion and problems of gender today.


She has been honored with national and international awards and grants for the development of its artistic production as Mecenazgo, Prodanza, Proteatro, Instituto Nacional del Teatro, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Premio Estímulo and National and Provincial Subsidies of Austria.


Veronica Litvak


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Cel: +549 11 5732 4035