Tango is a fluid, harmonious and pleasant dialogue between two people, who through music and body language create an improvised, spontaneous and particular dance. Its essence of popular origin speaks not only of a dance of two, but of a group, social dance, in which the same physical and musical space is shared with others.

The purpose of the classes is to provide tools for each person to discover and build their own dance.

Private classes: The work is personalized and designed according to each need, allowing the rapid learning of the technique in a solid way.

Classes can be individual, in pairs or small groups. For beginners, intermediate and advanced level.



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The methodology:

* Choice of the topic to be developed.

* Appropriate physical conditioning.

* Specific technical exercises.

* Practice and dance with the teachers integrating the new knowledge.



The general contents:

* Technique for women.

* Technique for men.

* Connection within the couple.

* Musicality

* Improvisation and creativity.



Special classes:

* Stage Tango: Choreographic composition workshop. The proposal is to provide tools through Tango that allow us to discover new uses within artistic creation. Develop composition criteria, selection and ordering of movement material produced according to the development of choreographic products.

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* information and professional advice about the city and the tango world in Buenos Aires!

Shows, milongas, “practices”, shopping and cultural tours.


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Verónica Litvak


Director, choreographer, dancer and teacher.

Her practice develops between Tango, Contemporary Dance and Theater, reflecting her artistic and academic background: She has the Bachelor’s Degree in Choreographic Composition at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) and she studied with prestigious teachers of Dance and Theater in Argentina and abroad.

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